Welcome Friends

I’m so glad that you are here.  Fifty Shades of Gold is a celebration of what it means to me to be fifty.  I made it during my fiftieth year as way of sharing what I was experiencing, which, to be honest, I found quite baffling at times. If you would like to leave a comment, or share this site with other people, you’re very welcome. Otherwise, just hang out and enjoy.

The Golden Way tells my story in fifty steps.  On this page you’ll find a map of The Golden Way, which is a list of those steps in order so you can dip in and out and get back to where you were. It will take about an hour to read all through.

the-golden-way-250 fifty-golden-moments-250

Fifty Golden Moments is  a series of fifty photographs of the gold I have found all around me in my fiftieth year.  I make no claims to be a photographer, but making a conscious choice to look for gold has brought me enormous joy.

Lots of love to you my friends.

Jo xxx